Preparing School Psychologists to Serve Students with Dyslexia

taught by Laurice Joseph, Ph.D.

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Course description

Preparing School Psychologists to Serve Students with Dyslexia Overview

Providing services to students with reading difficulties and dyslexia is a complicated endeavor that consists of many factors and many actors. School psychologists play a vital role in the assessment, diagnosis and, ultimately, remediation of students with dyslexia. However, many school psychologists have suggested they feel unprepared to effectively serve students with dyslexia (Nelson & Machek, 2007).

This course is will familiarize school psychologists with the critical aspects of effectively providing services to students with dyslexia including assessing, diagnosing, and consulting on best practices for the intervention of reading difficulties including dyslexia.

In these modules, learners will explore what reading fluency is, how to assess it, and how to effectively teach this key aspect of reading to their students.

Who Should Take the Course?

School Psychologists, Administrators, and Special Education Professionals

Why Should You Take the Course?

Through the knowledge and tips conferred in this course, school psychologists will be prepared to better address the specific needs relevant to their students struggling with reading difficulties due to dyslexia.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the foundations of reading acquisition and literacy development
  • Discover the neurological and physiological basis of reading difficulties and dyslexia in students
  • Compare educational assessments and psychological test batteries to appropriately screen, assess, and diagnose students with reading difficulties and dyslexia
  • Distinguish the various research-based approaches to effective reading instruction and intervention
  • Consult and collaborate with IEP team to create effective intervention plans

Laurice Joseph, Ph.D.
Laurice Joseph, Ph.D.
Subject Matter Expert

Laurice M. Joseph is professor and program chair of school psychology in the Department of Educational Studies at Ohio State University. She also serves as affiliated faculty in the special education program.

Her teaching expertise consist of preparing future professionals within a scientist-practitioner response to intervention model so that they will have the knowledge and the skills to make decisions based on empiricist principles. These foundations are achieved through teaching methods that consist of direct instruction and application through field-based service learning experiences. he has taught many courses in the last four years including: Linking Academic Assessment to Intervention, Roles and Function of School Psychologists, Psychological Services of Early Childhood Education, and Assessment of Academic Achievement.

Her primary area of research centers around making a difference in children's lives by improving their environmental conditions, especially their instructional conditions. Her work examines the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional interventions, particularly literacy interventions on the behaviors and academic performance of children and youth.

Course Curriculum

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